Vigor Monza Lenkrad 330/30mm Wildleder Rot Stitch

Vigor Monza Lenkrad 330/30mm Wildleder Rot Stitch
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Artikelnummer: 69402
Marke: Vigor
Stil: Red Waffle Stitch
Material: Wildleder
Fitting: 70mm 6 hole
Farbe: Schwarz
Durchmesser: 330mm
Gewicht: 1kg
Montagematerial: Ja
Universal: Ja
Tiefe: 30mm
Produktlinie: Monza


The Vigor Monza with a brushed matte black spoke and suede with Red waffle stitching.

Expect the best, be amazed by Vigor.

Feel comfort and quality, looks that reflect your personality and experience total control without compromise.

Vigor was born from a combined passion for both vintage and modern automotive design and class.  We believe in the adage “they don’t make ’em like they used to.” In turn, Vigor seeks to revive the mindset from decades ago where quality was key, components functional and their simplicity beautiful.

Vigor Steering Wheels features premium materials, all aluminium construction with black or silver brushed finish, a leather or suede grip, durable waffle or double horizontal stitching in the colours grey, black, red and motorsport with an Authentic Vigor engraved logo.

We all carry our own personality and our cars become an extension of who we are. For us, it’s important the original spirit of the car is maintained and all modifications remain true to the ethos of any given car. This will guarantee their legacy and heritage lives on in our design.

For some of us there is an unexplainable desire to design, modify, race or restore automobiles. We are bound by a love and respect for these machines and by the feelings they evoke in us.

We are excited to show you what we are working on and we hope to integrate our passion into yours.

“Grab hold of the steering wheel, don’t be a passenger”


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